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Starter Kit (Most Popular) - Alfy

Starter Kit (Most Popular)

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What's Inside The Kit
Your order includes:
  • 28g Hair Building Fibers (choose any color)
  • Hairline Optimizer ($5 Value)
  • Fiber Lock Hair Spray ($10 Value)
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Hair Color: Black
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Medium Blonde
If you’re not completely satisfied with our products, you can return it within 45 days of receipt for a full refund. Email us at and we will provide you with instructions to process a return. Shipping charges are not refundable.

If you pick the wrong color, we’ll ship you another shade, free of charge. Just send us a photo of your hair so that we can find the best replacement shade. This guarantee is offered to new customers only and there’s a limit of 1 replacement per customer.

Why It's Good
Your order includes:
  • 28g Hair Building Fibers (choose any color)
  • Hairline Optimizer ($5 Value)
  • Fiber Lock Hair Spray ($10 Value)

45-Day Money Back Guarantee. No hairy strings attached.

We give you 45 days to try our products. If for any reason you don't love it, let us know (within the 45 day period) and we'll help organize the return and refund the full amount less shipping and handling.

Color Match Guarantee

We know that you might select the wrong color. No problem. We want to make sure that you have a great first experience. We'll send you a replacement shade at no extra charge as long as it's within 45 days of your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

🎥 How does the Hair Building Fiber stay onto your hair?

The fibers have a static charge that will bond with your hair upon contact. Think of it like a strong magnet!

🎥 What makes the hair building fibers look natural?

The fibers are made from premium-grade keratin. Our advanced science allows us to mimic hair as closely as possible. This is why the fibers blend so naturally with your hair.

🎥 Are the ingredients safe to use on my skin?

Absolutely. The fibers are hypoallergenic and do not contain any of the bad stuff that usually irritates your skin or scalp. The fibers won’t clog your hair follicles either so that you can keep your scalp healthy.

🎥 Do Alfy Hair Building Fibers affect hair growth?

Nope! Our products don’t help you grow hair. They simply help you instantly make your hair look thicker and fuller. Our premium-grade Keratin Fibers are also safe for your scalp and will not clog pores. This means that our products won’t accelerate hair loss.

🎥 Will the Hair Building Fibers come off my hair when it rains or when I sweat?

Nope! Our Fibers are guarded against rain, wind and perspiration. We recommend that you use our Fiber Lock Hair Spray for an even longer hold and protection.

🎥 Will the Hair Building Fibers come off if there's wind?

Nope! But we don't recommend that you stand in front of a giant wind turbine for an extended period of time.

🎥 How do I get the hair building fibers off my hair?

Simply wash your hair using shampoo and the fibers will come off. Water alone will not remove the fibers.

Can I use Alfy Hair Building Fibers with styling tools and products?
We recommend that you use styling tools like hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons before applying Alfy’s Hair Building Fibers.
How long will a bottle of Alfy Hair Building Fibers last?
This will depend on how often you apply the fibers and how much you use each time. The 12g / 0.42oz bottle will last for approximately 30 days.
Can I combine different colors of Alfy's Hair Building Fibers?
Yup! You can combine different shades of Fibers to help find the closest match to your own color. Apply the darker color first and then layer it on with the lighter color. For example, combine the blonde color first, followed by gray.
Which colors should I use for salt and pepper?
For salt and pepper, apply the black hair Fiber first, followed by the gray.
Which colors should I use for strawberry blonde?
For Strawberry Blonde, apply the Auburn color first, followed by the medium brown.
What is Alfy’s Fiber Lock Hair Spray used for?
Our Fiber Lock Hair Spray was formulated to help strengthen the lock between the Hair Building Fibers and your existing hair. We recommend using the Lock Hair Spray if you’d like to achieve a more effective hold.
Do I have to use both the Fiber Lock Hair Spray and Hair Building Fibers?
You don’t have to use both. For a longer hold, we recommend using the Fiber Lock Hair Spray after you apply the Hair Building Fibers.
Does Alfy’s Fiber Lock Hair Spray have a scent?
Alfy’s Fiber Lock Hair Spray has a light and pleasant scent that works well for both men and women.
What is the Hairline Optimizer used for?
We recommend using the Hairline Optimizer to help create a more natural look, particularly at the top of the forehead. The Hairline Optimizer also helps prevent the Fibers from landing onto your forehead.