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Everything you need to get started.

Alfy 28g Starter Kit - Alfy
Alfy 28g Starter Kit - Alfy
Alfy 28g Starter Kit - Alfy
Alfy 28g Starter Kit - Alfy
Alfy 28g Starter Kit - Alfy

Alfy 28g Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started.

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Why It's Good
  • 60 to 90 day supply of Alfy's premium-grade Hair Building Fibers
  • Fiber Lock Hair Spray to help extend the hold of your Hair Building Fibers
  • Hairline Optimizer for a nicer finish and less mess

45-Day Money Back Guarantee. No hairy strings attached.

We give you 45 days to try our products. If for any reason you don't love it, let us know (within the 45 day period) and we'll help organize the return and refund the full amount less shipping and handling.

Color Match Guarantee

We know that you might select the wrong color. No problem. We want to make sure that you have a great first experience. We'll send you a replacement shade at no extra charge as long as it's within 45 days of your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

🎥 How does the Hair Building Fiber stay onto your hair?

The fibers have a static charge that will bond with your hair upon contact. Think of it like a strong magnet!

🎥 What makes the hair building fibers look natural?

The fibers are made from premium-grade keratin. Our advanced science allows us to mimic hair as closely as possible. This is why the fibers blend so naturally with your hair.

🎥 Are the ingredients safe to use on my skin?

Absolutely. The fibers are hypoallergenic and do not contain any of the bad stuff that usually irritates your skin or scalp. The fibers won’t clog your hair follicles either so that you can keep your scalp healthy.

🎥 Do Alfy Hair Building Fibers affect hair growth?

Nope! Our products don’t help you grow hair. They simply help you instantly make your hair look thicker and fuller. Our premium-grade Keratin Fibers are also safe for your scalp and will not clog pores. This means that our products won’t accelerate hair loss.

🎥 Will the Hair Building Fibers come off my hair when it rains or when I sweat?

Nope! Our Fibers are guarded against rain, wind and perspiration. We recommend that you use our Fiber Lock Hair Spray for an even longer hold and protection.

🎥 Will the Hair Building Fibers come off if there's wind?

Nope! But we don't recommend that you stand in front of a giant wind turbine for an extended period of time.

🎥 How do I get the hair building fibers off my hair?

Simply wash your hair using shampoo and the fibers will come off. Water alone will not remove the fibers.

Can I use Alfy Hair Building Fibers with styling tools and products?
We recommend that you use styling tools like hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons before applying Alfy’s Hair Building Fibers.
How long will a bottle of Alfy Hair Building Fibers last?
This will depend on how often you apply the fibers and how much you use each time. The 12g / 0.42oz bottle will last for approximately 30 days.
Can I combine different colors of Alfy's Hair Building Fibers?
Yup! You can combine different shades of Fibers to help find the closest match to your own color. Apply the darker color first and then layer it on with the lighter color. For example, combine the blonde color first, followed by gray.
Which colors should I use for salt and pepper?
For salt and pepper, apply the black hair Fiber first, followed by the gray.
Which colors should I use for strawberry blonde?
For Strawberry Blonde, apply the Auburn color first, followed by the medium brown.
What is Alfy’s Fiber Lock Hair Spray used for?
Our Fiber Lock Hair Spray was formulated to help strengthen the lock between the Hair Building Fibers and your existing hair. We recommend using the Lock Hair Spray if you’d like to achieve a more effective hold.
Do I have to use both the Fiber Lock Hair Spray and Hair Building Fibers?
You don’t have to use both. For a longer hold, we recommend using the Fiber Lock Hair Spray after you apply the Hair Building Fibers.
Does Alfy’s Fiber Lock Hair Spray have a scent?
Alfy’s Fiber Lock Hair Spray has a light and pleasant scent that works well for both men and women.
What is the Hairline Optimizer used for?
We recommend using the Hairline Optimizer to help create a more natural look, particularly at the top of the forehead. The Hairline Optimizer also helps prevent the Fibers from landing onto your forehead.




Covers extension track damages

Maybe a little messy at first and takes a few tries but this thing works like magic. Definitely recommend it for anyone who is super self-conscious with their thinning areas on the head. I'm a black woman in her late 30s and hair is a BIG deal for me. Thanks Alfy.

Got my self esteem back

I'm in my mid 20s and I started losing hair after graduation. Maybe it was the stress of graduating and then having to get a job? I don't know. But i worried a lot about it when I was going for interviews. I then saw an ad on alfy and decided to try the starter kit. I was really impressed. I mean, it took a few tries and was messy at first. But then I got the hang of it. Their how to videos are actually quite helpful since they apply it on all hair types. Now I use it every day and i don't have to think about it. Great, great product. – Alex W.

Love that there's a solution that's clean and has no side effects

I started losing hair a few years ago in my early 30s. I looked at a number of options like hair surgery, taking propecia, finasteride, using Rogaine, etc. Hair surgery was expensive but it also wasn’t a permanent fix. It’s also super expensive. The other stuff were drugs and had side effects that I didn’t want to take have any risk with. So I staRead more about review stating Love that there's a solution that's clean and has no side effects

rted using Alfy and the hair fibers. It doesn’t help me grow hair or slow down my hair loss but the solution is instantaneous. I don’t have to worry about how my thinning areas look. I always take it with me when I travel. I always bring it with me when I’m traveling for work. It has been game changing for me. I just hope that I don’t go bald because then I won’t be able to use Alfy anymore! 

In love with this product

Maybe a little messy at first and takes a few tries but this thing works like magic. Definitely recommend it for anyone who is super self-conscious with their thinning areas on the head. I'm a black woman in her late 30s and hair is a BIG deal for me. Thanks Alfy. – Monique W.

Can't live without it

I rarely give products such a high rating but this one deserves it because it has changed my life. – Lillian Z.

Huge Confidence Booster!

I started losing my hair at an early age, and always felt it as an insecure barrier in social settings. But with Alfy, I can apply the fiber onto the top of my hair and it gives me a full head of black hair again. It’s unbelievable. I have more area to cover than most so it takes me a little over a minute (not under a minute) to apply. I also put the hair spray from Alfy on afterwards as it helps the fibers stay on for longer. Highly recommend this product to people who are very self-conscious and need to go out often. – Wilfred.


I saw a video of someone using this product and decided to give it a shot. I am a middle-aged female and have thinning throughout my hair. And wow, what a difference this product made. – Ali W.

Loved this product!

It took a few tries (but their videos said that it would be the case) but I managed to get it to work. Super surprised by how natural it looked. Looked like my hair in the 20s. I recommend that you run your fingers through your hair if you see fiber. It's a bit messy but if you get the hang of it, you'll do just fine. Five stars all the way.

Nearly brought me to tears, it worked so well

I've been losing my hair for about 11 years now. I want a transplant so badly but can't afford one. It's gotten to the point where I stare at myself in the mirror and feel sorry for myself. Then I met Alfy. I didn't know what to expect until I peppered my scalp with the stuff. I'm not kidding when I say I exclaimed "HOLY SHIT!" when I saw it.

Nearly brought me to tears, it worked so well on my crown, then when I saw the rest of my scalp in the mirror, I was speechless and almost cried.

Thank you Alfy, for making me feel better about myself

Great service

I selected the wrong color and they gave me replacement right away. Free of charge.

Solved my thinning hair post-pregnancy

I lost a lot of hair on the front of my hairline after giving birth. IT started to happen around the 3-month mark. I heard that this was common amongst a lot of my girlfriends. Because of this, I didn’t put my hair up anymore as you could see the thinning patches. My husband told me about Alfy after seeing it on an ad. We were both highly skepticaRead more about review stating Solved my thining hair post-pregnancy

l until I tried it. I didn’t do a good job applying it on the first attempt but on my second or third try, the fibers looked really natural. I couldn’t tell that there was anything on my hair. The phots are crazy. One tip I have is to put the top of the bottle against your hair and to move it around the areas of your hair where it’s thinning. It ensures that you target the areas you want. Anyway, don’t give on your first try if you don’t get it right. It’s definitely worth getting right. 

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