Best Kept Beauty Secret for Women Losing Hair

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Best Kept Beauty Secret for Women Losing Hair


July 1, 2019

Betty had to fight her anxiety every time she went for her hair appointment while her stylist tried to find ways to cover her thinning hair.

Embarrassed by the situation and the ongoing stress of having hair all over her bathroom floor and sink, Betty decided to take the matter into her own hands and try a new product for her hair from Alfy. “I was nervous because I've never tried anything for my hair loss, but Alfy's Hair Building Fibers turned out fantastic,” she said.

Betty adds, "I was embarrassed to go out in the sun because it would show my scalp even more. I also didn't want to use any medications or drugs because of terrible side effects like weight gain and dizziness. But Alfy has clean ingredients and is purely cosmetic. It's make up for your hair!" Now she actually gets compliments about how full and healthy her hair looks. "I tell my friends that it's actually makeup, and they are shocked!"she said."And it lasts until you shampoo your hair."

Alfy's Answer For Hair Loss

Considering Alfy, at about $21/month, is less than what Betty used to tip her hair stylist, she’s delighted she finally gave it a try. What’s more, her hair looks consistently good from shampoo to shampoo. "I love how the product looks so natural - it just blends into my hair seamlessly," she adds.

New developments in hair science have allowed Alfy to use the highest quality of ingredients. This allows Alfy to deliver superior Hair Building Fibers that will match all hair colors and hair types. Alfy's products are resistant to wind, rain and sweat so that you can carry on with your day without worrying about it coming off.

The Hair Building Fibers are delivered to your door with discrete packaging so that no one will ask you uncomfortable questions. A 30 day supply will cost less than $22/month. That's 78% cheaper than Finasteride/Propecia.


Alfy offers two guarantees. A color match guarantee where they will ship you a replacement shade if you select the wrong shade, free of charge. Also, a 45-day money-back guarantee if you don't like the products.

To top it off, Alfy has a special offer for new customers - get a free 30-day supply (retail value of $24) for free. Just pay $5 to cover for shipping and handling.

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